Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st
We had a visit from dad's friend Chris Johnson RN at the home health care agency who took fabulous care of dad after his surgery last fall. Chris has arranged for someone to stop in 3 times a week. Tim will be here for dad's last week of radiation and then we will assess if dad needs more help. Chris predicted that by the end of January dad would likely need family very close to him. Dad wants to stay in State College as long as possible so we are doing our best to make that happen-

Re visits: come sooner rather than later. Cousins John and Heather were here from Virginia and we had a heartwarming time with them. Cousins Anita, David and Jamileh hope to visit in January from California.

Next week the activity list includes physical therapists, occupational therapists and a couple more doctors. Dad is on the prayer lists at Our Lady of Victory in State College and Rodef Shalom in Pittsburgh.

Joe is pouring the champagne and we pause now to celebrate how grateful we are to have spent this holiday together- Priorities and dreams for 2010 have never been more clear. Happy New Year to all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30

The Tocci children trying to figure out how blogs work- Once again dad has spurred us on to greater technological heights.....Brother Joe mumbling "it's all so confusing to me" but fortunately we have teenagers to help us figure this out.

Dad is done with chemo for a month and halfway through radiation which he is tolerating well. He is having more trouble recovering from Penn State's loss to Minnesota last night but fortunately the girls team won in overtime so once again....I don't even have to say it.

Looking forward to 12 for dinner tonight when cousins John and Heather Gray arrive later today.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28th

MJ here in State College reporting the events of the week.

Dad is in good spirits- sense of humor ever present thanks to wonderful visits from Al Best and Jim and Marilyn Knowles. His energy is low but cognitively he remembers most of what is important to remember

Chemo and radiation proceeding this week and the anti-nausea drug seems to be helping him. His appetite not great but thanks to advice from dear friend Jody on food choices and presentation he is eating slightly more than before. Small portions of simple foods work best and candy to get rid of the bad taste from the chemo drugs. There are books about all of this- who knew?

Sam and I have instituted a mandatory movie marathon to get us all out of the house- Invictus last night and still deciding the choice for tonight. Girls basketball game an option too and hoping to get dad to mass sometime this week.

Brought my mom's wheelchair up from the basement to wage the battle between dad's pride and his independence. So far dad won't even use a cane- (we have two of them) so we offered to get him a top hat if that would make it better. No traction yet, but will keep trying. Still humming dinka dinka do to get him in the right frame of mind :)

Joe and family arrive Tuesday, brother Tim, Jonathan, Zoe and cousin John and Heather on Wednesday. We are looking forward to filling dad's house and the Knowles condo (thanks again Jim and Marilyn) with family and laughter.

Upon request, will read any of your posts to my dad so just let me know that you want me to do so. Much love to all and thanks so much for all your emails and cards and calls- you remind us often how blessed our lives continue to be.