Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The fraternity caper

Good evening friends and family.

I am learning that every day now can bring surprises. As you all who have been following this blog are aware, those surprises can be ones that bring either tears of joy or tears of sadness, and sometimes both.

MJ wrote yesterday of the tough development of the last several days. Thankfully today we had a better day. With a full day and a half of IV fluids under his belt and and his blood sugar better under control and his UTI being treated, he was able to bounce back a bit today.

He ate 3 good meals today, better than he has eaten in more than a week, and I was able to have good conversations with him during those meal times. Right after lunch today, I asked him if he wanted to go through his mail which I brought up to the hospital with me. Since he did not have his 60 year old letter opener which he always uses to open his mail, he asked if I would open the envelopes for him. Of course being the dutiful (and trusting) son, I readily agreed to help out. After we finished going through all of his mail, half of which was junk mail and the other half bills, he informed me that who ever opens a bill is responsible for paying that bill.

Needless to say, tomorrow I will be bringing the letter opener to the hospital with me, and I will not be opening any more of his mail.

And now for one more short blast from the past.

Back during his college basketball days, the team had to practice at 6 pm, and therefore had their dinner at 4 pm. After a couple hours of practice, as you can imagine, he would come back to the Frat house pretty hungry. It was his habit upon returning to check to see if there was anything left over in the kitchen for a snack before going to bed. One evening he Lou Lamie and John Morgan found a treasure upon their return from practice. In the kitchen was a whole roast beef, estimated to be around 6 lb., still warm fin the oven. The three of them polished off the whole thing in one sitting.

The next afternoon at lunch, there was a delay in the food being served. After a short while, the cook came out to make an announcement.

"Todays lunch menu has been changed. Lunch today will now be gravy bread, as the roast we had planned on serving has gone missing."

Thanks today for the visits from local State College friends, and thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes.

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