Saturday, January 2, 2010

Facts and Fiction Tocci Style

Morning Friends and Family

Joey here on a beautuful Saturday Morning in SC. Going thru some papers of my best friend today and though I would share some interesting facts.

Wife Dolores Lorraine Asper was officially born on August 23, 1928. These facts in both name and date have often been disputed.

A smudge on the birth certificate of oldest daughter MJ Tocci actually masked the fact that she is 4 years older than her brother Joey.

Youngest son Timmy, at 6' 1" is confirmed to have been adopted.

Pap Pap was born July 16, 1925 to Joseph Tocci and Julia (Martin) Tocci, while living at 757 Freshpond Road, Ridgewood, NY. Pap Paps dad was 38 at the time. mother 32. Mom passed away within a few years of Dad's birth.

On July 15,1943, a day before his 18th birthday, he enlisted with his brother Louis into the US Navy, where he saw action in WWII on board the aircraft carrier USS Card . Honorably discharged as an Electricians Mate on March 12th, 1946, the training he received in the millitary shaped his carreer in acknowledging the trades were not for him.

More to follow as this scrappy second baseman, point guard and history buff went on to search for an alternative career and the love of his life Dolores.

Love and Hugs....

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