Monday, January 11, 2010

Dad is failing fast; the cousins are coming

Right now: Dad is in the hospital in room 204 of Mount Nittany Hospital- room phone is 814-231-7205. Tim is with him and dad has been mostly sleeping since Tim arrived this afternoon. No news yet on when he will be discharged.

Dad began to deteriorate last Thursday and by Sunday he was so weak that he needed mom's wheelchair to get to the bathroom. He was very confused and had developed a Parkinson like shake to his hands. Turns out that he had a very elevated blood sugar (from chemo etc), a UTI and he was extremely dehydrated. We pray dad will bounce back as far as this veteran hoopster can bounce these days. On the not such good news side, the doctors are telling us that dad can't go home without 24 hour care and that it's time to call in hospice. Joe, Tim, Sue, Jonathan and I will be making some decisions about his care as soon as brother Joe returns from China on Friday.

Quintessential dad: In these past few days dad has been mumbling to himself and without warning he would laugh out loud. Seemed like he had a private joke going on that was keeping him amused. As I was getting ready to leave the hospital last night, after a harrowing day, I propped up his bed and told him there would be an extra charge for this service. He didn't miss a beat and said "There's a urine sample over there- why don't you take that instead". Yes, he seems to be fading away but his humor continues to lead the charge.

Very bright moments: At the time when I needed it most- a call came from niece Michele in Spain offering international love and encouragement. Calls from Anita, Tom and Teri and visit on Sunday morning from Avis Filkins to help me through the decision to take dad to the hospital all very much appreciated. Dad reads all the cards he gets, or we read them to him and he enjoys every ounce of support he is getting.

Grandson Sam was extraordinarily devoted to his pap pap all weekend- bathed him, helped him in every way he could with an inner strength far beyond his years. Sam turned 15 today, but did some major growing up this weekend. Thanks to Sue, Jonathan and Kimberly for the constant support and to my amazing brothers for their wit and their wisdom.

We are looking forward to visits from Anita, Jamileh and David this weekend. There are some things dad just doesn't want to do anymore that concern me-like going to church or watching sports on t.v. Being with friends and family keeps him smiling.

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  1. Oh MJ - I'm so sorry this is happening to your dad - I feel like he was just in Pgh and we were all sitting around your table and gabbing. This latest slip is happening way too fast. I'm around whenever you want to walk -
    I'm thinking about all of you - Kristen