Thursday, January 7, 2010

A True Fish Tale

Hello all. Joey here, with a special thanks to Lee Schlisler on providing some great history on their PSU playing days. For those of you that don’t know Lee and Family, they have been and continue to be great friends of the Tocci’s, as are many of the Stare college extended family. Lee is a Penn State historian and a terrific storyteller. Many times we have listened to Lee’s recollections, with wife Lois aptly listening with rolling eyes as she may have heard one or two of his stories before. Seriously though, for us they never get old.

Speaking of stories, there was once a fishing tournament held at Lee’s cabin and trained fish pond near State College. The teams were Lee and Dad, and because of my technical advantage I was given a handicap. Tim and I were partnered together.

To further equalize the competition, Lee and Dad went out on the pond in a fully outfitted Boston Whaler, with radar, fish finders and depth charges. Timmy and I were in a dugout canoe, wound hemp for line, using old fish bones as hooks.

The competition was fast and furious, with fish jumping across the bow, winds howling, lines tangling and arms straining. Into the last minutes, the tournament was tied, and just as the siren sounded, Dad hooked into a Lunker. The crowd (Lois and Dolores) were going wild as he fought the monster, with Tim and I cheering on the fish at every leap. Well Dad and Lee landed that fish, and looked at us like they just won the NCAA final 4. A photo of that moment was silk screened into T-Shirts that the Champions still wear on occasion.

More to follow…

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