Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Joe Tocci appreciation night everywhere"

There was not a lot new to report for the blog today. Dad spent most of the day sleeping, waking for extended periods only during meal times, and today only for breakfast and supper. He was given a transfusion to rejuvenate his platelets as his counts were getting too low.

Dad received a letter the other day which truly reflects the way he has touched the lives of those around him and I would like to share just a few parts of it. The letter was written by one of the young men dad touched in his life, and although this is one man's story, I believe it could easily have also come from hundreds of others who would reflect the same experiences and emotions. As I have not asked the author for permission to publish this letter, he will remain nameless.

"Dear Joe

….Joe Tocci, my first soccer coach, my basketball coach and my baseball coach. Welcome to senior high school, I will lead you through.

From the very first time you spoke to me, even before high school, your opinion mattered. "Nice game!" you said to me after a small fry basketball game. I never forgot that. ….

I expect there have been "Joe Tocci" Appreciation nights wherever you've been and left or retired. I would have led the applause and been proud to have been one of your disciples. I even spent one season as a basketball coach during my final year of teaching. What'll I do?? Only what I remember Joe Tocci did with me and many of my friends that experienced successful careers emulating what you taught us. ……

…. Your faith in me at age 14 strengthened me for life.

God Bless you Joe Tocci. YOU MATTERED!"

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