Friday, January 15, 2010

Hospice and the journey to get there

The dad parade will journey from State College to Pittsburgh this Saturday on roads well traveled by us all. This is the reverse of the journey dad made in 1953 from Blairsville to points east on his way to make his mark on the world. He will go past Blairsville where he met the love of his life, the Windmill where he and mom had their wedding breakfast- Carbones where fights over the check at big family gatherings were legendary, Deans Diner and several golf courses where the real stories stay with the players- as they should.

No chariots were available on short notice so an ambulance was the next best thing. Tim and I will follow him absorbing all the memories as we pass. Dad is on his way to Forbes Hospice- address is 115 South Neville Street/ 15213. It's a wonderful place that is down the road from Tim and my house, on the bus route home from school for Sam, through a tunnel for Teri and Tom and an easier plane ride for everyone else. We are expecting a "pile of cousins" to use John Robert's expression this weekend and are so grateful for the emotional reinforcements. Most thankful to cousin Teri for guiding us through this difficult decision with her usual wisdom and heart. Today is a sad day dad is diminished but we reach to find the many reasons to celebrate how blessed we continue to be.

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  1. Dearest MJ,
    LIke your dad, your warmth and humor come through even in the midst of your pain...
    I recall so vividly Joe's warmth and joviality when we were in Pittsburgh for Sam's Bar Mitzvah and am so sorry that you won't have "...a few more weeks of good times, one more piece of advice, one more ball game to watch together..."
    MJ, the day that your dad died was my birthday and I want you to know that that will confer a certain, special kind of honor on that day for me from now on.
    I send my love and deepest sympathy to you and Tim and Joe, and to Jonathan, Sam and Zoe
    Hugs and kisses,
    Cousin Susie